The Physics of Pain: Introducing Postural Corrective Exercise

This course introduces Symmetry's patented system of postural correction and pain relief. Using the latest book, The Physics of Pain, Becoming Pain Free, as the template, you will be guided along this journey to fully understand the Symmetry philosophy!
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CEUs Available for Personal Trainers, Massage Therapists and Acupuncturists

Symmetry teaches practitioners how to get results with corrective exercise. Whether you are personal training or doing hands-on treatments, clients are coming in with past injuries and compensations. Making sure clients have a frame centered around gravity will reduce injuries and can often resolve chronic pain.

Software Included

Access 25 basic corrective exercises in the free version of our app. Your clients will have the ability to access the routines you put together.

Community Included

Discussion forums staffed by Advanced Practitioners. Hands-on training sessions available after certifications.

E-Book Included

 You also get access to our
e-book The Physics of Pain.
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