We teach how to quantitatively measure the human body and create exercise routines to bring the body back in to alignment. Our founder and lead instructor, Patrick Mummy, received a patent in 2007 and has used his Alignsmart Technology for over 20 years on thousands of clients. Patrick has been certifying practitioners since 2001  and licensing  his custom measuring tools and client engagement application to ensure practitioner success.  

Proven corrective exercise  program

Our program is setup in modules to help you integrate Symmetry into your existing practice or to make postural corrective exercise a whole new career. 

Live Sessions

Live sessions with the creator of Symmetry and current practitioners and technicians.


While our program is built to learn online, you are encouraged to come in to our demonstration clinic to learn more.

Peer learning

Our learners can interact with other students and our staff here online, at the demonstration clinic or at our partner clinics.

App Access

Free access to our app at your training level provide with your course fee.

Measurement Tools

Free access to our measurement tools at the Practitioner level with your course fee.

Video Conferencing

Practicals to gauge your understanding and knowledge ensure you are ready to see clients.

Meet our instructors

Meet our world-class team of instructors
Patrick Mummy is the author of the book “The Physics of Pain, Becoming Pain-Free.” Patrick’s degree in Athletic Training, with an emphasis in Applied Kinesiology and Biomechanics, combined with his exposure as a Division One athlete for the San Diego State Men’s baseball program, led to his discovery of the deficits of traditional and alternative therapies in curing physical pain. His unparalleled success in achieving excellence academically and athletically during his college career culminated in his election as San Diego State’s Scholar Athlete of the Year, and Most Valuable Player in 1993.
After graduating from San Diego State University in 1994, Patrick was hired to work for the Egoscue Method in San Diego, CA. This provided him with another key to understanding the causation of pain, which as he learned is the importance of compensation as it relates to gravity.

In 1997 Patrick founded Symmetry, which further educated him about the importance of postural therapy. Soon after he realized that the missing link of most rehabilitation therapies was the lack of an objective, measurable way of analyzing, sequencing and implementing therapeutic exercises to effectively and efficiently free clients of chronic pain and to enhance physical performance of athletes. This system is formally known as Postural Alignment Technology™ using their unique software called AlignSmart™. It has been officially granted a U.S. Patent. 

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