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Symmetry Advanced Practitioner Applied Training

This course is designed for you to apply what you learned in your Advanced Symmetry Practitioner Online Certification course directly with clients. You will observe, be assisted and then independently practice how to create and modify routines for all types of clients using the AlignSmart patented system of corrective exercise routine sequencing. 

This is the online or fully remote Symmetry Advanced Practitioner Applied Training course. We offer this course in hybrid format but if you prefer a fully remote option we are happy to bring you this course using Zoom. 
Throughout this course you will apply your knowledge by:
  • Working directly with clients,  
  • Effectively using the AlignSmart™ software as your main tool for client compliance
  • Implementing the Symmetry Whole Business Care model to make your practice successful

Patrick R. Mummy

In 1997, Patrick founded Symmetry, understanding the importance of postural therapy. Soon after he realized that the missing link of most rehabilitation therapies was the lack of an objective, measurable way of analyzing, sequencing and implementing therapeutic exercises to effectively and efficiently free clients of chronic pain and to enhance physical performance. This patented system is formally known as Postural Alignment Technology™ using their unique software called AlignSmart™.  
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