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The Physics of Pain
(An Introduction Course to Symmetry)

This course introduces Symmetry's patent-pending system of postural correction and pain relief.  Using the latest book, The Physics of Pain, Becoming Pain Free, as the template, you will be guided along this journey to fully understand the Symmetry philosophy!
When it comes to the human frame and chronic pain, one could argue that a mechanical engineer or an architect can better explain how the human body should hold itself and function around the force of gravity. 
Throughout this course you will discover:
  • How Symmetry was developed
  • The Symmetry definition of posture
  • What causes pain and misalignment
  • How to logically treat chronic pain
0.7 CEUs
National Academy
of Sports Medicine
7 CEUs
Athletic and Fitness
Association of America
0.6 CEUs
American Council on Exercise
6 CEUs
National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork

Patrick R.  Mummy

In 1997, Patrick founded Symmetry, understanding the importance of postural therapy. Soon after he realized that the missing link of most rehabilitation therapies was the lack of an objective, measurable way of analyzing, sequencing and implementing therapeutic exercises to effectively and efficiently free clients of chronic pain and to enhance physical performance. This  patented system is formally known as Postural Alignment Technology™ using their unique software called AlignSmart™. 
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