The Patent-Pending AlignSmart® Software

Assessment is key to understanding treatment and training.  Without it, you are guessing.  So, learn to be a part of the Gold Standard of assessment and corrective exercise sequencing.  Here's how you can access our system:

1)  Access to a FREE 6 to 9 month subscription trial period is given while training to become a certified Symmetry Practitioner. Check out course bundle page for more information.

2)  If you are already a certified practitioner and need to sign up for a subscription right away, or are already pre-qualified to use our system, here are your choices:

Exercise blocks and straps and practitioner support products are available in our store to maximize your success. To review all AlignSmart® Software options, click on the chart below.


Certified Practitioners

Hours of content
What we offer

The Software Subscriptions

Each level of the AlignSmart® software offers something for you and your business.  Click on the chart to see which level works best for you.  Level 3 and Level 4 come with 6 to 9 months of FREE access when going through the Complete or Advanced bundle certifications.  Click on the video below to see a quick demonstration of the software.

  • Measurement Reports
  • Full Client App Access
  • Generated Sequencing
  • 24/7 Support
  • Full Video Training and Support
  • Compliance Tracking
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“The courses and software are designed to provide you with the skills necessary to become a professional Symmetry practitioner. They will provide you with an in-depth look at the latest research and techniques and will help you to formulate your own unique path to success”
Patrick mummy, ceo/founder
Our services

Plan your certification- which bundle works best for you?

We will provide you with the tools, knowledge and support to help you find the answers to your questions, no matter how complicated they may seem.  Symmetry is a complete certification AND business model that will change your practice, and your clients' lives forever, so we don't expect you to take this decision lightly.  Call us and let's talk about you and your vision.

  • Real Skills
  • Quality Training
  • User Centered

Flexible hours

Our online learning platform gives you the flexibility to complete classes at your own pace, on your own schedule.

Training materials

Our training materials have been specifically designed to be engaging and informative. Our courses are easy to follow, and are broken down into digestible chapters, which contain a mix of text, images, and videos.
Course contents

We don't just train you to pass a course, we train you to help people 

There is no shortcut to knowledge. To be able to effectively help your customers, you need to constantly build your skills and expertise. Our courses are a launching point for a future of helping, and we can’t wait to see what you accomplish.

Some feedback from our practitioners

We are dedicated to empowering you with knowledge, skills, and confidence to provide immediate answers to your customers.

“Top-level certification”

I have been through NASM, ACE, and other certifcation courses, and Symmetry is by far the best one I have ever experienced.  The courses are engaging, the applied training is one-on-one, and the overall process is second to none.
Kari Wilkinson, CPT, FMS

“The Gold-Standard of assessment”

Symmetry's AlignSmart® system is the gold standard of asseessments. It's quantitative data that allows me to not only hold my clients accountable, but me as well as their trainer.
Michael Krick, cscs

“A preventative business model that works!”

Over the past three years I have converted my model from hands-on reliance to client-empowerement and compliance homework.  Not only has it saved my own body, but significantly increased my clients' success and my bottom line!
Kate fox, cmt, clma

Frequently asked questions

Are your courses regularly updated?

Yes!  Our school is committed to creating and continuously improving effective learning resources.

Do I get a certificate for your online courses?

Yes! You will get a certificate for the completion of an online course as soon as you have marked all course units as completed and you have passed the online course exams.

What if I have more questions that are not answered here? 

Please, send your questions to and we will respond as soon as possible.

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